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Can someone please help me. FSX for me has got a bad frame rate and it takes so long to load and the textures are all blockey even though I chose high. These are my specs

Processor: Microsoft Windows XP SP2.
Hard Drive: 14.4 GB (After installing FSX)
Graphics Card: 128MB Ati Radeon 9200 with clock speed of 400 Mhz
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c with speakers and whatevr FSX required.

When I get to the cockpit, I press @ for ATC menu and it takes 15 seconds to come up. I only get a good frame rate with the details as up to medium. I want to get a new graphics card that requires AGP and/or PCI standard that can at the most get me on to high. I haven't got a PCI Express card and I don't want to spend £60.00 pn a new graphics card. What shall I do? Advice required.


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graphics card...

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Well your not going to get a good enouth graffics Card for under £60.

I have a geforce 7600 GT and it Still Isnt the best graffics At all and its a 265 MB and i payed £120 for it

If u want me to be honist go for a Gefore 7900.

Its about £160 But its a good Graffics Card.

El_Al935ST Guest

I know but the 7900 requires PCI Express and I haven't got PCI Express.
That's the problem...

El_Al935ST Guest

also I don't have AGP Texture Acceleration enabled on my PC. Would this be causing a problem?

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Hi EL_Al 935st
I have a slower computer than yours and I can have better performance so it possible that something “wrong “ with your computer.
It maybe your hard disk or your over heated CPU so I woul like to know:
Did U had fs-9 on that computer and if “yes” what FPS and load time U got?
If U have “Performance test” of NORTON”
U should test your overall performance
U can check your computer in and have a free
Diagnostic opinion on your computer compered to other computers of his kind

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I love when people had computers that could barely run FS9 think they should be able to run FSX fine.

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