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ok, im trying to put a shot on jetphotos and it says
"Note: Filenames containing non-standard characters, such as parenthesis (), asterisks *, brackets [], etc. are not compatible with our database. Please remove non-standard characters and symbols from filenames prior to upload"
The file is called "jetphotos icelandair" and the real name is "C:\Documents and Settings\Nick_2\My Documents\icelandair jetphotos\jetphotos (Large).jpg". it wont let me upload it because of the "/" how do i change the name or still upload the same image? thank you

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"C:\Documents and Settings\Nick_2\My Documents\icelandair jetphotos\jetphotos (Large).jpg"

The above is the path to your file.

The file is called

jetphotos (Large).jpg

Now read the message you received when you tried to upload it, I have pasted it below as a hint

"Filenames containing non-standard characters, such as parenthesis (), asterisks *, brackets [], etc."

Look at the filename

Read the message again

repeat this until you work out why the file won't upload and then go and sit in a corner repeating out loud "I can read, i can't digest" 1000 times

hint: It has nothing to do with the / symbols (which incidentally there none of, there are \ symbols in the path though)

Twisted Evil

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What is this world coming to? Jeezus.

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You tell me Solotwo

When did people lose the ability to read a plain statement in front of them and understand it?

I am all for helping people but christ, some people just don't make any effort at all and I have no time for them.

What would you have said if the man had come to us saying "When i try and play FS2004 it says 'no disc in drive D:' what should I do?"? This is on a par with that sort of question to be honest.

dejablue Guest

THANK YOU UBER MUCH! it worked. and its in screening

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