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Anyone wanna Play online >

its me liam Guest

this is ure signature

djheptic Guest

how do you play online? i cant find the server on gamespy? 😞

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

Did you unblock FSX with windows firewall?

I had the same problem until I realised it had blocked it...

mondragon078 Guest

am haveing problems just geting online it says i cant be online becouse its a demo? a demo its not worth $49.99 i got it at wall mart and on the package i dont see DEMO. so why is it not leting have onlne?

saint4 Guest

You havent activated it.

As long as your sensible and you follow the rules you can join my session.

Normally runs from 4pm - 6am (GMT (UK)).

Viper040 - Session Name: Heathrow Airport

Normally get ATC in Heathrow, Stanstead and Gatwick.

Got regulars 😀

mondragon078 Guest

fisrt off i did activated it. in fact i played online and viper040 is my freind. so NOW WHAT!

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