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moors code beeping when flying VOR?

nottobe Guest

when I turn on VOR. the beeping keeps on until I get
to the airport and shut down the NAV radio.....
Is this beeping supposed to be on all the time? how to turn it off?


Yes the beep has to be there. It allows one to identify the station although it can be seen on the HSI, it is used as a backup identification system on aircrafts. The only way to shut the beep off is to switch the ident button on the radio console to off. On doing so the beep will stop but u will still be receiving the VOR signal from that particular station. Hope this has answered ur query.
Bye& happy flying.

Pro Member Trainee
paramesh Trainee

hello guys the above reply was sent by me . Just forgot to log on.just for those who were wondering
Bye &happy flying.

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