Have a question about graphic card....

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Hey all,

I want to know what type of graphic card to you all have. I've just brought a ATI RADERON X1900GT 256MB GOOR3 PCI EXPRESS Video card and was told that this was the top of the line video card. But when I max all my graphic card to Ultra Max it still freeze up on me. I've just brought a new computer 5 mths ago and I barely have any program on there.

Please help me....


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I am no expert of graphics cards, but perhaps you could tell us what CPU & speed and how much RAM your comoputer has.

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Sure. it is:

E machine (T6420)
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+
2.2 GHZ
1600KB L2 Cach3
200GB Hard Drive

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The x1900GT is not top of the line, but a worthy card though. Top of the line would be 2 x 1950XTX running in ATI crossfire. Although you should get some nice graphics, but this Flight sim is much more computer intensive than FS2004. Try lowering the graphics settings because FSX is demanding even on the higher spec cards.

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You never mentioned the amount of RAM you have. I you have less than 1GB that could be the problem.
There's also a possibility that you have to update your GFX drivers.

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