i got it

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i have been waiting on this just as long as you guys and i must say that i thought that this was going to be much better than it is. i am really thinking of taking it back to the store for a refund. the big price will go down because there is not that much improvement form what i had on fs 2004. what i like is the moving vehicles all around, thats a nice touch. what would have been nice is to have some gmax features at the gates and actual passengers to load and unload i hope fs pasengers become avalable for this one and ultimate night pro makes fs 2004 look so much better at night than this fsx over all i think that this fsx will deffinitely not hold its original sticker price it will go down much lower than it is now. HOLD ON GUYS YOU WILL SAVE SOME MONEY TO PUT TO ADD ONS TO MAKE IT BETTER.

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