Problem installing planes


I downloaded a plane and all the files (panel, etc).

However, when I unzip them to the aircraft folder, I can't find the plane in the list once I start FS9.

Anyone know what I could be messing up?

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1-It has to be for 2004.
2- It has to be a full aircraft not just textures.
3-Make sure you follow the read-me and put the files (gauges, effects) where they belong.
4-Place "any" in your top window the cruise through the lower menu for the aircraft or the manufacturer, it could be listed by designer or just a number.

If none of these work, let us know what aircraft it is by name and zip and a link to where you found it so we can download and try it out.



It is for FS 2004.

All the files that are needed are there and I selected any in the pulldown menu. I put the guages where they needed to be along with the rest of the files.

Here is the link.

I am trying to download the erj-145, as this is what I fly in real life.


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Ok, there are a few, I'll take the ERJ-145LR.
I just dropped the entire folder in my main aircraft folder.
Try it and let us know how you do.
Hey Cap. I tried a barrel roll, do your passengers appreciate that.



Did you download any of the updates or the panel files seperately?

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No, I just wanted to see if I could both find the aircraft in my menu and see if it was flyable. The gauges were missing when I tried to "key" them but they were on the panel.
I've since dumped it, sorry but I'm a tail-dragger.
How is it working for you.



I get the same thing. I downloaded the guage file for FS9, but it says that it cannot load it and I have no instrumentation.

I dont know what the issue could be.


I have been working on this for hours now, but I now know a lot about FS9! Not everything though.

The zip file put a FSUIPC.dll file in the modules folder (the FSUI.dll file is still there). When you start FS9, it says that it does not recgonize FSUIPC.dll.

It then gives the option to load it anyway or select no to skip it. The only thing that I dont have in my cockpit now is the GPS and some of the overhead panel.

I don't know if that .dll file has something to do with it or not.

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For some reason the update isn't compatible with 2004.

I might be able to get in to later, I haven't been able to all day.


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I found this at and then found it at the site below. I downloaded it to be certain that it wasn't textures but never loaded it.

FS2004 British Airways CitiExpress ERJ 145

[ Download | View ]
Name: Size: 1,783,652 Date: 05-24-2004 Downloads: 889
FS2004 British Airways CitiExpress Embraer ERJ 145, registration G-EMBE. A realistic repaint of a BA ERJ145 using Nick Botamer's model. Textures are photorealistic and high quality. Repaint by Elgan Thomas and Dave Budd.

4th down.



Sweet..up and running now. I guess the orignal wasnt compatible even though they made it seem like it was with the new patch.

The only problem that I have now is that my fps is very low (embarrasing to mention). So, since this very well may become a nice little hobby, I think that I am going to get a new desktop system.

I am thinking of getting a 2.6ghz Intel Celeron
512 mb DDR
80 gig HD
eVGA GeForce2 MX 400 / 64MB DDR / PCI / VGA / Video Card

It's an emachine...anyone have any opinions?

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If your going to buy a new machine:
A celeron is the slow version of the P-4 line but it would be sufficient.
512mb ram isn't enough, bump it to 1 gig minimum.
64mb video card is what I got rid of and bought a 128mb card (AGP).
Many are now buying 256mb cards (AGP or the new PCI express.).
If buying a new machine get a (top brand (Antec)) 350w power supply for the video card to run at it's maximum.

Browse some of the posts here and you'll get an idea of what I'm saying.



OK I bought a dell today. It's a Dimension 4600. Here are the specs:

Intel Pentium 4 2.8 ghz, 533 FSB
Hyper Threaded
256MB DDR SDRAM (going to throw in another 512 when it gets here)
128MB DDR NVIDIA AGP GeForce FX 5200 Graphics Card

I am thinking about getting a 256MB video card and selling the 128 on ebay. I am going to see how FS9 runs on the system before I go and do that.

I also am going to run two monitors. I'll put the gps and radio stack on the one monitor and run the panel on the other. Is anyone else doing this and if so; how is it working for you?

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Sorry to knock the other machine but as far as the Sim goes you were wasting your money.
This is a nice machine and the extra ram will be a huge help.
The card, if you are going to run two monitors by all means get it. You'll see the difference immediately.
The cards come with their own fans but if you could add a fan in the back and one in the front it'll keep the entire system cooler and running better, Fans are very cheap.
Good luck with it and let us know how your doing.


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You guys are killing me.

I am a self admitted upgrade junkie, I have been on the wagon for about 2 years now. And today I caught myself looking at upgrade sites! 1 gig pc2100 sticks are running $90 each x 2 = 2 gig. A new CPU P-4 3.4 Ghz is about $300.

Logically the upgrade is from 512 to 2 gig, and win98s2 to XP Pro. that would be a great boost for the least cost.

Then if the itch continues P-4 2Ghz to 3.4 Ghz, but I would have to check out the different builds. In the $300 range. I can not see the benies of moving to a P-4 3.4 Ghz extream for $1000, are they crazy! Hmm I may wait and then up date the CPU when it falls to $300, but by that time it would be time to move up to a new MoBo, CPU, Ram etc.

Personally, a 350w power source is the lowest I would go, when you start running all your drives fans etc. power consumption adds up. Having too low of power source could lead to little errors that you can not figure out, or damage your machine. I went with a 450w, almost talked my self into a 550w but as I was still newly married I refrained, now she would never know if I bought one or not Twisted Evil

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