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Bits Falling Off

Jamie4590 Guest

Does anyone know of any reports of injuries/deaths as a result of bits falling from an aircraft such as bolts, metal shards etc?

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Insight Chief Captain

you morbid git 🙂

I hope you're not calculating the odds against you being killed by a falling 747 wheel nut 🙂

Jamie4590 Guest

Just want to get a good price at Ladbrokes. 😂

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PIC1stOfficer First Officer

Watch out for those turds turned to ice, crashing threw your roof.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Have you read any accident reports on the AAIB website?

Interesting and informing. It covers accidents (the JAA definition of accidents / incidents) from GA to commercial flying and scuff ups at Gatwick when 2 aircraft don't pay attention 🙄

You might find what you are looking for there.


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