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Thrust reverse separately on each engine

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i have a small problem. Just got the new fsx and I can't configure my throttle quadrant to operate thrust reverse separately on each engine. F2 operates them all at the same time witch is not really what i want. With fs9 i used GoFlight litle program which was sortin in out for me but it doesn't work with fsx. (well... at least I can get it runnin🙂) If any one can help I'd be more than gratefull.

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I don't think you are able to operate each R/T independantly are you?

Why do you want to anyway, can I ask? 😕

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Well the thin is that in fs9 i could operate them independantly but only with that little program that i mentiont before. Unfortunately that program does not support fsx so i can't use it anymore. I tried to look for a key assignment for T/R but ther isn't one. Well ther is but its (god knows why... :/ ) called something stupid like 'throttle decrese (fast)' or somethin like it. Anyway. The reason why I want to do that is simply because I just want my simulator to be as close to real one as its possible.
I've got it all workin under fs9 but now just want to move to fsx. Well thank you for quick reply.
Anyone else got any ideas ?

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