Where are the aircraft hiding?

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No problems installing and to date it works ok in Free Flight and Missions. Quite a leap of mindset is required to make the changeover from FS9 to FS10 as not everything is the same.

I've had a look in the FS10 folder and to my surprise there is no "Aircraft" sub-folder which houses all the originals and provides a place to put any add-ons. I searched all the other subfolders and could find no trace of any aircraft. So it leaves two questions really -

a) where are they hiding?

b) does one create a new sub-folder called "Aircraft" and put any add-ons into it?

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The folder is called "simobjects".


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Thanks for the info, will go and have a looksee

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I tried three downloaded aircraft and I wouldn't say the results were at all satisfactory. I tried to add a Piper Aztec and the sim told me this was duplicating an existing plane, which was untrue! The other two went on ok but in one case only one of three "textures" survived and both lacked full control ability on the panel. It was possible to fly but the instrument panel showed no speed, altitude etc.

So it looks like "let's wait for proper downloads that are compatible with FS10 to appear". In the meantime it seems worthwhile keeping FS9 with all its add-ons as an alternative.

I expect this subject will generate quite a bit of comment!

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I dont understand why you would do that? Why would you want to add an incompatible 'object' just to see if its going to work, when it probably says FS2004 ONLY or FS2002 & FS2004 only.

Its quite easy to tell that microcash has changed the formats and locations, which too should have given you a hint. Your lucky it didnt crash/freeze the simulation.

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