Motorized Gliders

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Motorized Gliders

They lift off by themselves when they reach a reasonable runway speed and are easy to handle and land anywhere. An excellent STOL.


Diamond HK36 Motor Glider
TTD115 Katana Xtreme Reg_ID: N40440
A Private Aircraft based in Somis,
California, USA.
Bombardier Rotax 914-F3, turbo-charged, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, 115 hp
Hydraulic constant speed propeller with hydro pneumatic feathered pitch


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Must download these as they look very good and they won't get me expelled from the tail draggers club 😂 😂 -
Thanks and 🍻

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Nice glider, great Pics, some day RadarMan you wil have to tell me how to post pics in the forum.

I ran accross the glider other day, down loaded it and flew it but then RadarMan distracted me by having me flying out of MXA9. I was looking for the the glider that has a centrifugal Prop. The prop retracts when the engine is not running. Still have not found it.

There is a Capt. of a 737 (?) a some years ago that accredited saving the plane and thus the passengers to his knowledge of flying gliders.

Fly high, fly strong and try not to let your wings melt!


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To post screens in the forum you have to "hotlink" from a host.

Try it's free.

After you upload it to them they'll give you a link that has the [img][/img] marks, you just paste that into your post.

The URL of the screen shot has to be between the two marks.



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