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Sounds garbled

flydude1063 Guest

Hi. I have been using Flight Simulator 2002 for about 2 years, and never had any problems with it until recently. I had to take my computer in to have Windows re-installed,and ever since then, FS 2002 runs quite jerky, and the ATC messages are quite garbled. I am running a Dell 866mhz with 256 mb Ram. (Yes I know, it's old and slow, but it worked just fine before). I'm guessing there is some setting that I need to change, but I can't figure out when that is. I have the most recent Windows Media player 9.0. Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Flydude1063 Guest

Oops. Small correction...Should have read "I can't figure out WHAT that is" Thanks....

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm not too clear on what your asking but my bet is on the first 3 because of the age of your system.
Let us know how you do,;en-us;177252;en-us;815069


Flydude1063 Guest

Hi. Thanks for your response. I was just asking if there are some settings or something that I can mess with to get FS 2002 running smooth again. Like I said, it ran perfectly smooth before I got Windows re-installed. Now it's jerky and the sound tends to be garbled. I know my system is old, but FS 2002 ran just great before I re-installed Windows. I thought maybe there was a setting I should be changing, or adjusting. Heck, I dunno! Anyway, thanks for the links. I'm going to go check those out now. Really appreciate the help! Very Happy

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Try to shut down some of your background programs, boot up before you fly.

Good luck with it and let us know how your doing.


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