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FSX graphic cards

forzaalonso Guest

Can anyone please give me some names of good graphic cards for FSX. Mines ok but was expecting more. Like the pictures when I was installing it


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RadarMan Chief Captain

How much are you willing to spend, do you want AGP or PCIe cards.



here are a list of some good graphics card for flight simulator x,

gigabyte 7600 GS around $140 dollars

PNY verto 7600 GS and you can get that at best buy for about $150 dollars

that can run the game to its full patenshall

P.S it also depends on your your computer and motherboard all graphics are not compatible with those card, but I have that gigabyte card and it is awsome , sweet graphics and game play,

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to_coolguys First Officer

i would suggest to wait for some time until Graphics card capable of Direct X10 are available.....

norwichgooner Guest

hi guys

any idea when we can expect to see PC's for sale in the UK with Vista as the OS and DX10 graphic cards included ?

i need a new pc but want to wait until they are released

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to_coolguys First Officer

Nvidia to come up by mid November 2006.But not sure..

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Vista out in January, you may get a coupon for it if you buy a machine in November.
DX 10 cards, maybe January also. Not much point in selling them now, they can't use DX 10 because it's not ready and wont play on XP just Vista.


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jhausner Trainee

Yes I'd suggest if you are willing to buy a new graphics card, tough it out with your current one until the DirectX 10 cards come out and buy one of those. It will save you money in the long run. Either that or if you're loaded with money, pick up a single nVidia 7950GTX or even just a 7900GT.

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Why post GFX card issues in the Downloads section? Why not in the Scenery section??

Flyer4000 Guest

I'm running a Decent system with a 7800GT overclocked and I cannot put the settings on the highest although the game does not looks bad.
Too be honest if you want FSX at its absolute best then buying the top high end cards from ATI or Nvidia is the best option, but they are just too expensive in my opinion.

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