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Good afternoon Gentlemen, & any female pilots we may have here.

Please read the following before creating new topics about FSX.

1) FSX was designed for Next Generation Machines. It will not therefore run perfectly on any machine that any of us have now. No more posts please about "i have poor frame rates la la la la la!" It will stay that way until you upgrade to Vista and DX10.

2) It still firmly remains a solid simulation and can create the realism of Flight just as well as previous versions.

3) This forum/website is about talking upbuildingly about all things flight and helping each other with Genuine problems. Stop the arguing and constant down putting of other members. We all have different views so please just agree to disagree.

4) Read other posts thouroughly before posting a question that has been answered a thousand times before. That is what the search function is for, type in a keyword and you will get a wealth of information.

I think that is all for now, but if we all remembered these few points, it would become far more enjoyable around here again.

******STICKY PERHAPS??********


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I finf it useful...It will helps new users of FSX by not posting bothering-for some of us-questions 😉

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