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tomthetank Chief Captain

I have said in an earlier post about maybe only trying one of the missions Umm... sorry to say I find them quite enertaining Embarassed Only flown the commercial pilot ones ,but if you have not yet tried them,go on,you maybe surprised 😉

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

Hehe. I tried the one where you have to land the Piper Cub on a bus roof.

Yeah...nice big hole in that runway now.. 🙄

AnthonyG Guest

I tried that one too! I got in a strop and gave up! Anyone tried the one where you race the (I think) dragster in the Extra 300S?

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Greg West (BashDaBish) First Officer

I certainly have but I am finding it very tough to time it right crossing the start line. I get up high to give me a nice dive and some speed but am always a few seconds behind.


i herd the engine falure one was good.

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