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Just bought FSX, doesn't read the disc!


Hey, my younger brother just bought FSX (He's really into airplaines and ships for some reason!) I'm trying to help him install it, but I just can't figure it out.. I put the disc in and it says "Please insert disc into drive D" ..
Like it's not even recognizing it.

Has anyone experienced similar problems or have any suggestions?

By the way I don't have the Service Pack 2, if that matters or not I don't know. ❗

Thanks a lot for any and all replies !!

I'll be back to check the thread!

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Update to SP2 it states that you have to have that and all Windows updates.

After you've installed them come back if you have any questions or even if you don't.
Good luck.


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You need a DVD drive not a CD drive to read/run FS-X

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