where have all the AI aircaft gone to?

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I note that FS10 airports are denuded of aircraft - LHR looks very bare! Should there be any in sight and have I failed to do something to cause them to be present?

Otherwise the scenery is excellent and I found the Rockies and the UK Lake District particularly well done.

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At the start screen you have to go into customize and set all the slides then save them.
AI eats up FPS quickly.


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Yah I set my air traffic AI up to 100% on all fronts. It lags a bit in really large cities and airports but not too much on my rig. You'll notice a huge jump if you have a machine that can handle it in regards to "busy airports" as I was in Las Vegas and was lined up for 20 minutes waiting for planes to take off in front of me.

Were about 4 747s, several smallers jets, and a few props ahead of me and a line of 5 or 6 planes behind me trying to take off. Saw about 20 land during that time too. Compared to the default 20% or so and there were only 4 or 5 planes total at Las Vegas.

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Welcome aboard jhausner 🍻 , Glad to see a new member. 🙂

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Thank you thank you. 😎

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