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My recent flight to KIAD

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I recently went to visit my brother in PA. I flew out of KDEN and my final destination was KIAD, and I had a layover at KATL. Well, I flew on Delta Airlines, and the trip to KIAD was pretty uneventfull. The trip back was a complete fiacso. First my flight out of KIAD was delayed due to "high winds."
(not to noticable to the casual observer) I ended up getting out of there an hour and 10 minutes late. It turned out that my connection flight at KATL had been delayed to, and we arrived five minutes before it departed, and of course, missed it. We had parked at an A gate and they told us we could catch a flight from the B concourse that left in 10 minutes. Well, we hurried to the B gates and missed the plane, so they told us to catch another flight back in the A gates that left in an hour and ten minutes. We made our way back there only to findout that while we were going there they had changed the gate to an A gate, so we had to go back again. If anyone has been to KATL they should know that you have to ride a subway between the A and b concourses. We got on that filght and finaly got back to KDEN about 5 hours later than we had planned. The approach into KDEN was exciting cause it was snowing and we could not see the ground much untill we were almost on the runway. So who likes Delta and who likes KIAD? I am still trying to decide... 😂

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P.S. I flew on 3 757s and an MD80.

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I used to like Delta a lot, but I think the service on all airlines has gone way down. I flew a red-eye from KLAX to KATL last month, and there weren't any pillows on the flight! All they had some was some little blankets, which if folded enough times, would make a little brick you could jam behind your head. Man, my neck was sore for a week after that ride!

Fortunately, I don't travel on business as much as I did back in the 80's and 90's. And I don't miss it a bit.


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