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i have now payed 3 times for this site and still not beain able to login or make a new username i need help with this or im not gowing to be happy ether i get a password or i want all my money back

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RadarMan Chief Captain

All I can do (beside edit your post title) is to tell you to write to these address a few time each.
There isn't anything that I'm able to do.


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Seideric Trainee

When did you pay? It took a few days for my password to get issued.

RadarMan's advice is good.

File a feedback, put on a oxygen mask sit back and breath normaly.

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Timothy (Moab) Trainee

I had no prob got mine the very next day 😉

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Well, for one, I would suggest that you up your maturity level just a tad. This is a civilized forum where we all share info and ideas, not someplace where you go to swear, and throw a fit just because you have to wait a while for something. Sure, you may have to wait, but i doubt that you would have to pay 3 times. It takes a lot for Radarman and everyone else to put up with posts like yours. If something is frustrating you, there's no need to swear about it right here. You are aware that small kids who use the simulators get on here too, and they dont need to see bad language used in this forum. I'm sure there's forums out there that don't care if you swear or anything like that. I work at a McDonalds, so i dont make a lot of money, but If someone would ever happen to need money from me for a legitimate reason, I'd be more that happy to oblige. You're not the only person who is trying to apply to this site, and there are other people in the world besides you, and I think it's time you learned that.

Much thanks for Radarman to change the name of the post, and for his patience.

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