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Once an FSX flight loads 100%, it pauses and won`t change to the in-flight screen. Then I open Windows Task Manager and it says that FSX is not responding!!!!!!!!!

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Lots of questions.

How much memory?
What cpu?
What graphics card?
What programs running in background?
What make computer?
How old?
How much HD space to spare?
How large is your pagefile?

That's just for a start, if you don't give this type of info, we find it hard to advise.


... delete your loogbook.bin file und "my documents", "flight simulator x files"


Anonymous wrote:

... delete your loogbook.bin file und "my documents", "flight simulator x files"

Thx for this answer it worked a treat for me i was having lots of trouble where it would not load all of a sudden.

Was really strange as it had been working since i got the game when it first came out and then wouldn't today but after doing as you suggested it works again.

A BIG THANKYOU to you and microsoft were no help they just kept saying reinstall it each time the duds.

Mike (kymsheba)

hcomspam12 Guest

I tried the logbook file fix and that worked once and not again. I have Registry Mechanic and use it often. I have found that if FSX tells me to reinstall the program and I run Reg Mechanic and then reboot everything works fine. Most often I get the FSX error(s) after I have installed/modified other programs.

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