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Screenie quality

Fryingpan Guest

This has to do with screenshots in general... Some peoples, for example the pictures of the Spitfire in one of these threads, are crisp, so incredably crisp that i could persuade my brother they were real, and some just arent, the wings are made up of rectangles etc.

please explain why this is

Excuse my English, Im British

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Solotwo Chief Captain

I thought you guys spoke english over there. Wink

But yeah, depends on how good the computer is basically.

Fryingpan Guest

thought so, but what i'm wandering is wether sharpeining in say paint shop pro helps at all.

We do speak English, but i discovered that there are STILL language barriers. 😀 😀

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Sharpening and resizing helps.
Add sharpness to the original size and then resize it to 800 x 600.You will get much better quality.

There is also a sticky from one of our bests Screenshoters-Wing-Man-about it.Have a look ➡

meylan Guest

If your on about the jagged edges around the aircraft they can be gotten rid of using ANISOTROPIC FILTERING settings on graphic cards .

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