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HWA = Help with acronyms.

I keep thinking I'll find the answer to several of these if I keep reading and clicking links. But even the links usually use the abbreviations right from the get go - and this quite easily makes me think I'm the only one out here that doesn't know. But I'm gonna ask and run the risk of appearing even dumber than I look.




For AI and FMC I have a sense of what they are, I'm just not sure of the words.

AI is incidental aircraft I believe. But then it would be IA right?

FMC - Flight Management Computer?

PMDG - a place for add-ons? But what do the letters stand for?

Thanks for helping me with these. Please be kind. I know I must seem fairly dense as these are used fairly universally here and I might well be the only one that doesn't know them.

I'm sure I'll remember some more as I continue reading the forums and if you don't mind I'll come back to this thread to ask again.

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AI = artificial intelligence
FMC = as you said, deals with lateral and vertical navigation and everything else you could want it to really.
PMDG = precision manuals design group i believe

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AI - Aritificial intelligence - anything computer controlled, and is not limited to aircraft. For example, if you were to play a game of chess against the computer, you would be playing against the AI. Also a robot would be considered to be an AI object, as its 'intelligence' is artificial, programmed and limited

FMC - Flight Management Computer - Part of the Flight Management System (FMS) which controls the aircraft, advises and gives information to the crew on laternal and vertical navigation. Entirely flexible to suit ATC

PMDG - Precision Manuals Design Group - A Company that dedicate themselves to making high-quallity payware aircraft that contain all of the extra features that are lacking in default planes

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thanks for being brave and posting this spiderwings. I was unsure of these to. Can I add two more that I would like to know tht are probably really stupid.
ILS - I know it has something to do with approach using gps but what is it actually.

IMC and VMC. I saw these in 'pilot' magazine, i think they are talking about weather but dosent one use IFR and VFR when talking about this?


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Visual meteorological conditions
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In aviation, visual meteorological conditions (or VMC) are those in which visual flight rules (VFR) flight is permitted—that is, conditions in which pilots have sufficient visibility to fly the aircraft without reference to instruments and can maintain visual separation from terrain and other aircraft. They are the opposite of Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). The boundary criteria between IMC and VMC are known as the VMC minima.

Visual meteorological conditions are usually defined by certain visibility minimums, cloud ceilings (for takeoffs and landings), and cloud clearances.

The exact requirements vary by type of airspace, whether it is day or night (for countries that permit night VFR), and from country to country. Typical visibility requirements vary from one statute mile to five statute miles (many countries define these in metric units as 1,500m to 8km). Typical cloud clearance requirements vary from merely remaining clear of clouds to remaining at least one mile away (1,500m in some countries) from clouds horizontally and one thousand feet away from clouds vertically.

Generally, VMC requires greater visibility and cloud clearance in controlled airspace than in uncontrolled airspace. In uncontrolled airspace there is less risk of a VFR aircraft colliding with an IFR aircraft emerging from a cloud, so aircraft are permitted to fly closer to clouds.

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thanks very much for the help 😀.

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Yes, thanks from me also! Learning more and more.

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thats a great glossary, thanks for the link CRJ, will come in handy 👍

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