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vatsim is an online virtual flying network full of air traffic controller and pilots all using flight simulator 2002 2004 and the new fsx.................................vatsim wants more people to come and join to make it even more realistic.......the more people the better!!!!!.........come join all of the fun and spread the word to your friends so we can have a virtual world full of planes and atc!!!!......... come join us now its free!!!............ oh and dont worry if you dont know the first thing about atc there are very imformal* tutorials on the site as well as friendly atc and pilots on the network to help you out if you are a newbie!!!!....dont wait.....come on!!!!!

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No doubt, our friend Dorianee has the best of intentions, but let me clarify a couple of things:

Neither Dorianee nor I speak for VATSIM in any official capacity. That said, of course we'd like to see more people come and fly in what is the most realistic environment active right now.


If you want to just log in and fly around willy nilly.
If you want to connect and control some random airspace as a "newbie"

it would be best if you did not connect on VATSIM.

Everyone is welcome. No skills are needed except: Knowledge of the BASICS of flight and communication. Controllers will be happy to help you and most VACC/ARTCCs have training programs for pilots.

As for controlling? If you want to be a controller on VATSIM you will have to go through training. It's nothing hard, but expect to spend about 20 hours training and studying. You cannot just connect and control. You can connect and just fly though.

More questions?

Go to the VATSIM site ( and click "New pilots start here"!

Hope to see you online.

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Hey I would like to join a multiplayer session and this sounded cool how can I join?

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Go to the VATSIM site ( and click "New pilots start here"!


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