problem changing my resolution

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Hello all

My specs are this :
AMD XP 2000+ @ 1800mhz
Geforce FX 5900XT @ 440/750
512mb Corasair DDR ram

The game runs fine and all but it doesnt let me choose my resolution. Everytime I change it it will just shove it back as I press ok. I thought that maybe playing in windowed mode may resolve this but how do you do so ?? Is it a problem with my hardware ??


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First do you have DirectX 9.0c and SP1 installed. Do you also have the latest drivers and control panel for your video card.

Try this and see if it helps.;en-us;836185


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Another question: Can you change the resolution out of flight sim in the control panel. If not you have some problem at the computer. I would like to know how did you ended up


yes can change the resolution out of my control panel. I am using Win2k pro with SP4. I have managed to sort it out by installing the 61.77 nvidia drivers. The problem was my 56.xx omega drivers I had. Flight simulator didnt seem to love them. Running everything on ultra high brilliant game, of course at 1280x1024x32....

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