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I've been chasing this for a while without much success. I thought I'd post some images to see if anyone else can shed some light on this.

First Thing:

Anyone know how to get the waves on the shoreline to either look realistic or just stop "waving" all together. This pic shows what I'm talking about. Big white rectangles that just move back and forth. I've got all my water and special effects maxed out. I am using a Nvidea GeForce 5600 for a graphics card.


How about this dust pattern. Any way to make this look better instead of a bunch of squares.

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Also I forgot to ask. Is there any way to get the original effects file for FS9 without having to reload FS9 itself?? When I was new to all this I wasn't smart enough to back up my original files in their default states. Live and learn. Can I custom install that file somehow ??

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Just because you have them maxed out doesn't mean that they'll work if your machine isn't up to it.
Download the latest drivers and set the sliders to a reasonable level and see how the "dust" looks, unless that's a download.
Stop waving, did you try moving the water slider to the left and (I forget the name) the slider above it to the left also.
You can search the disks for the texture file but I doubt that it's all in one place, try anyway.


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