A Trip To The Transport Museum.

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My wife dragged the kids and myself to Glasgow last week to broaden our cultural horizons,not knowing i'd be like a kid in a sweet shop!
So here's a few pics from what turned out to be, at least, as far as the cars and some of the motorcycles are concerned, a trip down memory lane.
The last shot is from the Museum of Modern Art.(Just thought i'd put it in, since it's flight related).
p.s. Advanced apologies for the poor lighting in these shots.

My personal favourite,hence 2 pictures

MK1,Vauxhall Cavillier.I owned one of these, but not in that condition!

This is a Vandel Plas 1100.My father had one,when i was a young lad.

I remember this car when the police still used it!!!!!
The next 4 are for the motorcycle fans.

Eventually i was forced to leave when the battery in the camera packed in!
Hope you enjoyed.

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Jamie4590 Guest

Great shots, thanks for sharing!

How times have changed. The simple life seems to have been replaced with hoodies, happy slapping and Ipods. No more can we talk at length with our local bobby on the street corner about an almost zero crime rate, pick up tea from the bakers and butchers then catch up with the gossip from the neighbour over the garden fence while the lambs gambol in the nearby farmers field. Everything happens so fast these days except possibly in southern Ireland where things still go at a moderate pace.

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murjax Guest

Very nice. 👍 👍

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Loved the collection of cars you had there 😀

Motorcycles were very nice aswell 😉

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violentviolet First Officer

Cheers all. 🍻
There was so much more i'd like to have shown,but either it was too dark,or my camera gave up the ghost 🙄

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Great shots!! And nice cars too 😉

I really like that last shot. It's awesome!! 😎

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