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lennylion Guest

Please can someone help me with problems I have encountered with FSX.

1. In spot view all the planes seem to fill the screen. I zoom down to 0.30 but this does not improve and the fusilage seem to stretch out of proportion to the rest of the plane.

2. When I click 'fly now' for the 747 the engines are running and just runs away and will not brake.

3. In instant replay it sutters violently.

Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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NSX Guest

I can't help you with any of these problems, but I en-counter the spot view problem too. Mostly it happens on B737. The plane fills all screen and isn't a usefull camera. It's impossible the plane stretches, it's all optical dellusion.
Restarting seems to be the only solution

Pro Member Captain
Sean (SeanGa) Captain

about the spot view problem, I encountered it myself and fixed it... the bad news though, is that I don't remember how.

I think you have to go to "views" and "view mode" or something then click something.. probably useless information but anyway good luck

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