93 planes

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Timothy (Moab) Trainee

I now have 93 planes in my hanger ty flyaway,
now to rate them all lol thats a job ahead of me now .)

Peace Tim

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leadfoot First Officer

Where the hell did you get THAT smilely face? 😂

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

did you download all them from flyaway?

I've got over 120 😛

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Timothy (Moab) Trainee

Aye bro all but the planes FS came with .) now i'm goin to fly them all and rate them on how they fly and so on, cuz in the winter time I have off , just fish the summers to nov about.

And for the emoticon's was in your profile the one I have by my name is to show i'm a noob some what lol


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