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hey i just wanted to how to turn effectifely if you get me on fs9 i was able to use the number 6 button and the aircraft turned great but on fsx it doesnt work that well

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Don't you have a flightstick?


joystick but just a basic one. say i want to turn right i turn the joystick fully right but its not very effective i.e. it doesnt turn very fast.

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In the settings, check autorudder.


i have checked it and i have put it up to 100 but it still does not work effectifely. In real life planes are able to turn like 360 degress or something in very little space how do you get to do it on fsx?

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Real aircraft a tiller control that allows the nose wheel to turn at a greater angle for sharp turns, this is not simulated in Flight Simulator. If you use differential braking and/or differential power, you can tighten the radius of turn. This is best accomplished using Rudder Pedals and a Throttle Quadrant.

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