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I've ran out of time help please!!!

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Karlw Chief Captain

➡ First of all i have no time to read the manual

seconde I am now climbing with the pmdg 747 to 31000ft and have the fmc programed but whenever I try to hit lnav its says fmc message I go to the fmc but it says no active route but my route displayes on the navigation display 😳

so basically what do i do besides read the maual as i have no time thanks 😀

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Solotwo Chief Captain

If you have no time why are you flying?

Seriously dude no offense or anything but your expecting all of us to walk you through almost every aspect of your life. You need to start out slow, master less complicated and slower planes and work your way up. Your starting at the top it seems. Find some flight tutorials for the plane, thats the best way to learn.

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Karlw Chief Captain

well im doing an over night flight because it is now 1 am here and I have mastered pretty much everything except that I have school work to do tommorow house work and everything and need some help wth this because everywhere I go no one can help me Embarassed Dont Know

Sorry for asking another question like this but I really like to learn bits by bits Embarassed

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Read the manual, you should at least skim it before flying one of the most advanced planes in FS9.

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TimH First Officer

Solotwo is right, you should maybe have a look over the manual

The PMDG series is a great series of aircraft but can be a bit fustrating if you dont read the manual and know how to program the FMC

To be honest, some things you can learn 'bit to bit' but with the FMC it is one whole unit and if you do one thing incorrectly, other things on it arent going to work. For example you cant get V-Speeds without doing the PERF INT and you cant do the PERF INT without knowing the ZFW weight etc

If you are getting the message "No Active Route" it more or less means that the route isnt set up properly, or isnt set up at all!

Have a read through the manual, it is long and tedious but it will get you there.

Some people say it is good to print the manual, but I say there is no need. Once you get the hang of programming the FMC it becomes second nature and its possible without a guide, so there is no point of wasting ink

Good luck!


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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

Karlw, I did the same thing as you are doing now with the PMDG NG series. I tried to master the FMC and the autopilot functions without reading the manual... and guess what, I got frustrated and upset because I couldn't manage.

One day I thought to myself: shi* this bast*** is killing me. Now I'm going to f****** read the stupid manual and show this PMDG little piece of s*** what I'm made of.

I read the manual and now I'm the happiest man alive.. now I am in control of the aircraft.. before I read the manual, the aircraft was in control of me. Scary, I know. 😳

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Matt (mattdean) First Officer

If you have time to fly and have time to post on here, you have the time to read the manual.

Even a chapter at a time. Just be patient, it comes with time and practise!

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TimH First Officer

I find the best way to learning how to use an aircraft like the PMDG 737 or 747 is to

  • Once you get it installed, run the sim and have a test flight
  • Try programming the FMC, and yes it goes without saying you mightnt get very far
  • Keep doing this until you know what does what, but just cant use it if you know what I mean. (eg establish that the RTE pages control the routes but you are just unsure of how to program the route in it)
  • Now, read the manual, at your own pace. You will then come to the section that you are stuck at from testing it out (we'll use RTE page as an example)
  • Read carefully through this section until you know the procedure. And then you'll be saying "oh thats how its done" lol 😛

I find that sometimes works well, but each person has their own way of learning things

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Karlw Chief Captain

got it thanks everyone 😀

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