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Hardware help needed !

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Hi, people !

I've fairly recently upgraded my cpu to an AthlonXP2400+ and added an extra 512Mb memory to my pc. so my spec is as follows :

AMD AthlonXP2400+ 266fsb
80Gig Western Digital Hard Drive (80% free)
8Gig Seagate Hard Drive with XP Pro
Sony 52x32x52 CD Drive
LG DVD Drive
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Graphics Card
2x 512 SDRAM

Dunno, if it's just me, but I'm still not happy with its performance as when I get near a busy airport, the frame rate drops to about 3-6 causing it to stutter ! In normal flight, I get about 13-20 fps, which I'm fairly happy with (Capped at 25 fps) I've also got Traffic 2004 installed and set at 75% volume as recommended in its manual. Anyway, after looking at some of the pictures in the gallery on this site, I of course want my scenery to be as sharp as a pin too ! So............

Do I, a: Upgrade to a better graphics card (Radeon 9800 Pro ?)
b: Ditch my motherboard and get one that accepts DDR memory, bearing in mind that I'll probably need another cpu too ?

Thanks for any advice !

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Wow, tough call. A new card like the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128 will give you (with the latest drivers) better FPS but not to the extreme that you want. I know I have one.
Of course if you upgrade your CPU and everything that goes with it you'll greatly improve not only your FPS but everything else, POWER pays.
But...if you upgrade your CPU etc. will you be happy unless you get a better card to go with your "new" machine.
Dammed if you don't, dammed if you do.
Let us know what you decide and good luck to you.


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Thanx for the reply Radarman !

Do you reckon I ought to try upgrading my 9700 Pro to a 9800 Pro ?
(I bought mine off a mate for about 40 a few months ago !)

According to a few reviews on the net I've read, they think the 9800 is superior.... swings it for me 😀

(Also the cheaper option !)

Thanx !

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Here's an excellent graph to show you the difference between the cards.
This site is always a good one to check for honest product reviews,


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Ah, which way to go
Fs9 is quite a demanding program,you need lots of ram and pure pc power

If I were you I would go the graphics card way
That way if/when you upgrade your mobo you can take the card with you

Good links from Radar

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Thanx for the helpful links Radarman !

At 1600 x 1200 resolution, the 9800 kicks my 9700s arse, so with that in mind and the fact that's the resolution I've been aiming at, I'm going to start to have a hunt around for a cheap(ish) one !

Many Thanx to Radarman and tomthetank, you are "Da Men!" 😎

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I see you have 2 hard drives. The first one i belive is ok. How is the second one? Is it one you saved from some old computer?.
I would not separate flight sim from the system disk.(the better one) And where is your paging system? Is it on the better disk? By the way you have Norton performance test?(Norton utilities) If yes can you see what Pass Mark can you get and compare it with us on other computers in the forum..My computer is p4-2.8 and my pass mark is 359
I think that you card is no so bad. (And your CPU is not so good).
Your card sopose to be better than mine (ATI redeon 9600xt) and I have not a bad frame rate.

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Hi Rafi !

Okay, in answer to your questions, I've got two hard drives because I only had the 8 Gig and found it was filling up very quickly, so I bought it's replacement. After a few weeks of use, I would get a load of errors according to XP on this new disk, causing me to reinstall XP. This went on for months.
So in the end I decided to put XP only on the 8 Gig because it seemed a lot more stable. I then put my Paging file onto the larger disk along with all my other program files !
As for my CPU, I know it's not great, but the fastest one I can fit in my motherboard is an Athlon 2600+, which I wanted but could not get ! 😞
Anyway, I haven't got Norton performance test, but I'll have a look around and get some tests done !! 😳

If there is anything glaringly obviously wrong with the way I have set up these drives, please let me know, all help appreciated !! 🍻

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