request for anyone with 777 professional

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I don't know if this is relevant but do you have the Updates and have you read the Support Page and the FAQs?

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Seriously dude you shouldn't be flying such advanced planes.

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The 777 isn't advanced?

Oh ok, it's just, I was under the impression that pilots undergo years of training prior to flying them, but hey more fool me! 🙄

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Well some of the payware add-ons are actually very realistic, apart from maybe the physics, but I guess you can only go so far in a simulator.

I think that soultwo means is, what you are trying to fly is much more advanced than the other default aircraft in FS.

First of all READ THE MANUAL. All the info you will need will be in there.

Secondly, try some tutorials, you can easily find these on the net, do a google search.

what do u want me to do, fly an IFR from ORD to CDG with an ILS approach in a cessna 172?

Well if you're not going to bother learning about the aircraft before you attempt to fly it, you might aswell go ahead and do that.

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Because we have not enough information to actually understand the problem you are facing.

The answer to the problem "I cant dial in a frequency" can be any of

- your mouse isnt working, replace batteries
- your panel has no NAV1 radio
- your Avionics are not switched on
- your panel is misconfigured
- your aircraft is misconfigured

..and a lot more 🙂

Tell us which A/C you're using (default, addon?), or even better show us a screenie of the panel, and show us the [RADIO] section of your "aircraft.cfg" file...then we have something to go with 🙂

That's probably why Solo was a bit harsh on you, you need to understand that to solve a problem you must know the complete "environment" surrounding the problem. People who post, stating only the problem, aren't likely to get a quick solution.

Just something to keep in mind for next time Wink

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Are you using the fmc?

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Because apparently you don't know what your doing at all.

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You think all of us should magically solve your problem. You say "then when i enter the course and all of the stuff". Stuff? What stuff? We don't have physic powers bud.

Btw you did do something to me. Your a cubs fan. Wink

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