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Still have sound problems, something incredible

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nicolods Trainee

Hy, everybody !

Something weird happened !

I've just reinstalled Windows XP SP1, then reinstalled FS2004 !

Then, even if I switch off everything, engine, avionics etc ..... I still can hear the engines !!!!!!!!

Sound seems grabled, it's mor than I can stand !

Please help me !

Athlon 2600+
A7N8X 2.0
1024 Ram
Radeon 9600

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Do you mean that you closed out the sim and you hear it on the desktop or you shut down the engine for a cold start.
Or: Did you move all the sound slides to the right or left in settings.
Please be a little more specific.
Did you load your sound card drivers when you reinstalled Windows.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

If you are using a addon panel you may be hearing the aircon
I have d/loaded a few panels that have this very loud aircon sound and only one has a switch to kill it
YOu could have a look around in the sound file

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nicolods Trainee

Sorry !

I mean that when I stop my plane, switch off evrything, there is still the sound of engines !

The only plane added is the Super Cub fron FS Europe

The sound driver is the original one of my sound card

So I don't understand.


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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

I have download a few Boeing jets that continue to run a moderatly low level engine sound when I kill both compressors at the gate. I think it is probably in the build itself. Maybe a simulated APU (Auxillery power unit.) In real world aviation this sound is generally heard at the gate. Having said that, I can understand where it could be distracting. If you want to breakout the bearskins and knives I would suggest deleting the 'sound' in that particular plane and adding a comprable one from this site or another. If it is garbled as you say then I would do as what has been previously suggested.

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nicolods Trainee

Than you everybody !

The problem is fixed !

Shame on me, microsoft audio "I don't know what" was corrupted.

Now it works great.

Thank you for your help.

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

Good. Happy flying Nicolods!

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