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Me and some other people from multiplayer doing a trip basically around the world, or so it felt this is just before takeoff and although it may not look it they are in fast jets. Im in the Firefox!!

murjax Guest

This is the FSX screenshots fourm, so next time put it in the fs2004 screenshots fourm. Great picture though 😀 😀

murjax Guest

I was flying with Matao and I took a screenshot before take off too so here is my picture. 😀 P.S. is someone can please move this to the fs2004 screenshots that would be helpful. Thanks.

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murjax Guest

I went flying with Matao again today and took some more screenshots before take off, so here they are. The first one is a picture of us in Boston and the second one is just me and Matao in Chicago. [img[url=][img=] 😀

murjax Guest

Oops, broken link

murjax Guest

Here is the first one.

murjax Guest

And here is the second one.

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