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Hello everyone!
I have a question about creating an IFR flightpath. Any help would be appreciated.

Once I create an IFR flight, I get to the screen with the map, and it allows me to drag the "red line" flightpath to alter the route, but it will not "lock on" to where I drag it to. How can I get it to stay where I put it?

I'm sorry that I can't explain it too well. Hopefully, you can understand what I am talking about!

Also, when I try to use the Flight Lessons, I get a black screen, and the program shuts down. What is causing this?

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Did you point your cursor to an airport or to a VOR point?.
You have to be precise in order your line locked there.Sometimes if you have more than one options a screen appears and you have to choose where to lock on.
Zoom in the map.The airports appears as blue signs on it(as im sure you know).

I cant explain-answer your second question Embarassed .Something damaged or corrupted maybe... 😞

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It will lock on VOR, NDB or INT(ersections). It won't lock onto airways (retarded IMO). Hope this helps. No idea about the lessons...

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