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managed to install at last although....

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well finally got around install fault.!!!that everyone seems to be having when after 2 nd disk nearly finishes then goes into error and wipes off the install files.

here's how i got around it.
when installing the files as per normal, check in your microsoft games folder on c: drive whilst it is installing to see the files appear.
just as the final file has downloaded i.e when the installer says checking fonts,you need to activate task manager (cntrl+alt+del) to halt everything then immediately look in the task manager file for msi.exe and highlight it and stop it running.
then you are left with the files in your microsoft games folder (before they would have started to be deleted)
next i ran fsx exe. in the microsoft games folder and followed the need to manually install one of the installer programs to activate the install thru microsoft but hey touch wood it worked for me.!!!

thanks for the input guys


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Which installer file is reponsible for activation?

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