Have you been here? Or do you know where these places are?

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As some of you that might read my posts might guess I'm into geography as well as flight sim. I have another hobby related to geography and getting outdoors - called goecaching. I met a guy on line there that flies LearJets for a living out of Lincoln, Nebraska. As I lived there at one point I started a correspondence with him. It involved him sending me a link to some photographs of his company's jets and some of the places he has been.... some showing airports.

The three in the image above caught my eye - they looked very familiar to me from my flight sim flight around the world. Now keep in mind that the photos above are real life photos.... they look fairly like some imagines in FS-9.

I'm curious if any of you recognize any of them from your journey's - sim or real and would care to identify them... or guess where they might be. Whenever I see a photo of a place about the world I always try to guess where it is before looking it up or asking someone.

If you'd like to see where I think these might be check the following link to the same picture but with my place names added. I feel quite confident about the furthest left but not 100%.

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Those pics are awfully small SpiderWings 😳

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Tailhook wrote:

Those pics are awfully small SpiderWings 😳

True enough... its the size they were in his photo albums. But I'm thinking each airport would look much the same while on final at a certain point out. Hoping to find them all myself on the sim someday or that some of you all might in the meantime.

I hope that in the future I'll be posting a composite picture for each with the real image and the same view on the sim side by side.

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