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I downloaded a 767-200ER from Project Opensky and a 767-300ER from IFDG, but I'm confused with their range.

767-300ER has a range of 3960nm according to the planes specs, however the real plane has a range 5505 or 5875nm depending on the engines.
Which is correct?

The 767-200ER does not specify its range, but the real plane's range is 6625-6670nm. Is it the same?

I ask because I'm flying Mexico City-Paris and don't want to find myself with no gas in the middle of the Atlantic.

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Coming to think of it, I guess this post should've been in the Aircraft section of the forum....sorry guys!

Is this an all boys (men? haha) forum or are there any girls?

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😀 Wrong forum Banned but before you go I found this ➡

There is no range given for the200/300 model but a range map here

So i think you will be ok,unless Opensky have made it a bit more fuel hungry

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Thanks TTT.
I got the range from aircraft data & history section.....which should be more or less accurate.
We'll see what boeing has to say

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