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Do pilots who fly at night need an IMC rating or just a night rating? Or is a night rating required for an IMC rating?

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In the US, night flying privileges are apart of normal flight training for the Private pilot certificate. An Instrument rating is not required for night flight. If a pilot chooses not to complete the night training requirement, the Private pilot certificate can be issued with the restriction of no night flight. Some other countries have the restriction of no night flight without an Instrument rating. Night flying privileges and a Instrument rating are separate. 🙂

Jamie4590 Guest

CRJCapt, 👍

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Tartanaviation First Officer

If you hold a JAR PPL you can take a 5 hour course for the night rating. You do not need an IMC license.

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spitfiresrule First Officer

In Canada you can do a night rating which consists: of 15 hours total night flight time. then you get your night rating and if you hold an IFR you don't need to worry about a night rating.

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