Auto Pilot?!?

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does anyone use auto pilot to get to a certain alltitude or to stay at a certin speed or is it just me. and do you use auto pilot at all

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I use it a lot. Long ascents, long cruises, long descents. I almost always hand fly the ILS approaches. I've done it with the AP a few times, but it just doesn't keep the glide slope very well due to the flap schedule---- I. E. flap deployment at prerequisite altitudes and speeds.

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I think it's safe to say most flight simmers use AutoPilot in some capacity (maybe with the exception of hardcore Aerobatics fans or historical airplane fans)....

As to how much it's used depends on the plane.... I mainly fly medium sized Airliners (737, A320, A330/40, 727, etc), so i use AutoPilot a LOT ! When you're flying Airliners its a differnet game really, its more about the skills of plotting your route, using the technology (like Flight Management Computers), working with Air Traffic Control, etc... it is admittedly less about the skill of flying by hand.

But conversely, someone like Radar Man who loves to fly Taildraggers, will get a kick out of the hand-flying and the skills invovled in being connected to the airplane's actual control surfaces.

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heh, autopilot is my pilot!

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