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Does anyone know of a list of medal/certificates/whatnot for FSX? I know a whole bunch of them, but I hate thinking that I'm missing something, lol.

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Pilots earn rewards for completing various missions and reaching specific accomplishments throughout the game. The following is a list of known rewards:

First Landing
25 Landings
100 Landings
Landings at 10 Airports
Bombadier Trophy
Spot Landing
Stunt Pilot of the Year
Wings Vs Wheels Race
Red Bull Course Record

Medals (Tutorial #)
Tin Wings (1)
Aluminum Wings (2)
Bronze Wings (3)
Rubber Wings (4)
Fabric Wings (5)
Gold Wings (6)
Carbon Wings (7)
Iron Wings 8
Aluminum Rotors (9)
Bronze Rotors (10)
Steel Rotors (11)
Titanium Rotors (12)
10 Total Hours

10 Flour Power Hits
50 Flour Power Hits
100 Flour Power Hits
Aerial Park Patrol
Blackbird Spotter
Ultralight Thrill Seeker

Special Items
Celebrity Autograph
Ceremonial Mask
Cursed Idol
Flower Lei
Red Bull Team Contract

Homeland Security Investigation Photo
Humpback Whale
Layover in Paradise
Sitka Sunset

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Good find!

Make two posts, one with the aircraft that both versions have and one with this and I'll make them stickys.
I could copy this and thank you but I would rather they see your name on the original.


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What, no "lucky to be alive" award? 😂

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Yeah, just to let you know that's nowhere even close to being a complete list. There's no mention of night hours medals or multi-engine hours medals, just as a start. Thanks though, there's a couple in there that I haven't gotten yet.

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Do you get a certain medal or award based on your flight performance or is it just one reward for one mission?

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