A340 Professional Issues

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first of all, real airbus' do that 'trottle thing' Wink as bruce dickenson found out in his program. anyway, use autothrottle instead of manual in a 'bus.

do you have fsuipc installed? many add-ons rely on the freeware version. you can download it on avsim.

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HyePilot wrote:

I really don't understand the term of FSUIPC, I researched it, but most of my questions towards it weren't answered.

It's all about reading and putting your mind to it.

If you don't understand something, take a step back and tackle something easier. Revisit the difficult stuff once you're up to it.

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I have this and i understand your frustration, but if you take the time to print off the lengthy tutorials (about 1/3 of the Amazon rainforest i think) it reveals several flights from start up to shut down. I tried one of these flights once and after setting every thing up right (for once) i took an outside view and watched the thing land itself to the point where it deployed reverse thrust, spoilers and slowed itself to taxi speed.

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HyePilot wrote:

I really don't understand the term of FSUIPC, I researched it, but most of my questions towards it weren't answered. Autothrottle in an Airbus? I know, but isn't it manually lol? I understand Autothrottle, but what exactly do you mean?

FSUIPC is just a little module, one file that can extract data from FS so it can be used outside - for instance it can read airspeed values that you can then link to the intrument in your home cockpit. or something like that Wink

autothrottle varies in plane to plane but normally you will set a speed (in knots or mach depending on altitude), arm it so it's ready for action then push the button when you're ready for it - normally on take-off. it simply controls the throttles to keep the speed you chose.

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I have the A340 Professional and I've never had a problem like that. I understand that there are some bugs with this addon, but I can deal with them. This is an old addon and that may be the reason why it has some bugs.

The FSUIPC problem can just be solved by downloading that file.

I don't know what is causing the throttles to move by themselves. Maybe it's something you installed and it's causing those problems.

In a real Airbus, when autothrottles are engaged, the throttles don't move by themselves. Only the thrust is reduced or increased.

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Try reading the manual, as someone said. Airbus planes use Fly By Wire. There are throttle detents and you shouldn't use them as you would in a Boeing (although I suppose you could). The A340 professional is a pretty nice addon - the best Airbus there is out there (actually the A330 might be better).

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