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i have an AMD athlon 3200+ processor with 512mb RAM and a 256mb graphics card Nvidia. I get frame rates of about 30-40 on the ground and about 60 in the air on high settings. Would adding an extra half gig ram improve the frame rates further so i can use vatsim without it reducing my frame rates too much. Or could someone onn here with a similar system to mine tell me what frame rates they get. Thanks 😉

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More ram will help it render scenery faster and probably load faster but it won't have much effect on the FPS, that's mainly the video cards job, with some help from the CPU.


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I have a similar system only with a AMD 3000+, and an ATI 256 PCIe card. I went from 512 to 2 gigs of ram and it made a huge difference. Scenery loads faster and practically never do I get any stutters, except maybe when I crank a hard turn over a congested area. More ram will never be a bad investment. Be sure you buy sticks that are the same value as what you have. Or take out your 512 and replace with 1 gig stick(s).

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