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FSX item in FS2k4

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Hey--dont bother-they dont work right!

I added the new Harrier for FSX-although it looks nice and hovers great-it accelerates far too fast, and then goes berserk at over anything above 250KTS

I added a scenery addon, and it just never showed at all

Too bad, I was gonna try to move the water effects, but think I better skip it

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Which library are we talking about?

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Let me guess...

I'm downloading the Harrier atm - did a bit of digging before I actually hit the Download button.

I'm familiar with this model from fs9. The strange thing is that the (updated) FSX version seems to be available only here. 😳
Surely there is magic involved. After all we are by now all aware that old gauges cause problems in FSX and those who have explored the cans and can'ts of the Harrier in the past would know that the major obstacle have always been the gauges.
Anyone who has ever bothered to actually read Rob Barendregt's brilliant instructions concerning his great gauges, would have concluded that to get the Harrier into a sweet functioning state takes more than just unzipping a file into fs9.

But hey, maybe RB was wrong all along and wasted his and our time, for now we have an FSX compatible Harrier here... just like that.

The mind boggles ROFL

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Reducing one or some of your realism settings may stabilize the Harrier. It's a very complexx airplane and accordingly reuires more computer resources.

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