Speach bugged in free flight?

Deeon Guest

Hello all!

Unlike most of the community I really like new FSX and it's worth every penny imho. My PC is 2-3 years old (AMD 2500+ Barton, ABIT NF7-s, GF 6600GT, 1GB DDR Ram) and with bit of tweeking I got it to run on 10-20 fps (20fps lock - usualy FPS is 15-20 but when I fly over city etc it drops down to about 10-15) and it still looks 10x better then FS9.

Anyway, untill yesterday I was only flying missions, just to get the hang of things and everything worked great. No bugs or anything. But yesterday I tryed free flight. I made a flight plan and got in to the aircraft but then... voice of TC was all messed up! It was just bugging and jumping forth, skipping some words and so on. I mean it's not big of a problem but still it takes away a bit of realisem.

What can I do? Will reinstall help (30 min 😞 )? I was serching the internet for any info but I just couldnt find any one with simular problem.

Thanks for any help,

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Teh Paul Guest

I have a problem of static instead of speach. When I get that I have to pause then carry on.


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