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As I wanted to see where I'm flying to, and as it's quite interesting to compare FSX Scenery with real world images, I've written a small tool to show FSX user aircraft and AI object positions in Google Earth in realtime.

If you're interested, have a look at

I'd be very interested in your opinion on the tool and further features. Feel free to post them in the on my site! Thanks!

PS: It'm working on this tool quite often so that updates are coming every few days at the moment with new features, ...

PPS: It is and it will be freeware!

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I've updated the program and version 0.0.3 is now available including course prediction for user as well as ai objects.

Furthermore I added some security features to limit access for example to localhost only if you wish so.

Also, I corrected some bugs which made it impossible to run Google Earth on a different machine than the tracker program. Now this should be working fine.

Feel free to download and test it:

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