Aircraft problems

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scooter2524 Trainee

I can't seem to get any of the prop planes over 10,000 ft. stalls WTF! Never had a problem in FS9 they better patch real soon.

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mat3329 Trainee

Hey, here's a suggestion. Have you tried to set your air/fuel mixture when going to high altitude. Haven't tried it myself but maybe because of realism that is better than FS9. Try it out and let me know bud!

Cheers 😀

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earthqu8kes First Officer

you have to pull the mixture lever back to get to the high altitudes. even in fs9 this is true. if you have ever tried to push the mixture in over about 10,000MSL the engine will quit. but below about 7,000MSL you have to push the Mixture back in.

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