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Iím new to this flight simulator lark and have a few questions. The version I have is FSX. Sorry if these questions are a bit random but Iíve flown on FSX from the UK to Australia (with lots of stop offs on the way) as a way of teaching myself the basics but the following are bugging me

[I did attempt to fly the lessons but the combination of i) Very annoying bloke (think his name is Rod) making lame jokes, plus ii) Odd Rod flying me into the side of a mountain made me lose interest in this quickly]

1) When on an ILS approach, the ATC will say something like ďmaintain xxxx feet until established on the localiserĒ. What does ďestablishedĒ mean? Does it mean when the glide slope first appears on the instrument panel (i.e while Iím still well below it) or when I actually intercept the glide slope. Iím assuming itís the second but would be interested to know, especially as Iím confirming to ATC that I will do this

2) Is there anyway when making the final approach for the altitude to be called out as the plane descends?

3) If I want to taxi without using Progressive Taxi on do I need to have airport maps since I canít see how following the verbal path given by ATC is possible in most cases in that when I come to an intersection I canít see from whether to turn left or right

4) If I want to fly a route that includes stop offs at airports on the way, I Ďm assuming that I have to file a new IFR for each leg. I know I can set up an IFR with the last airport as the destination and then set the intermediate airports as waypoints but this just seems to allow me to fly over these airports; ATC wonít clear me in to land at these. Is there anyway around this?

Sorry of these are stupid questions. As part of trying to teach myself the basics I have used info in other posts on the forum but I couldnít find answers to the above.

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Answer to the first question:

1) Established on the localizer means that you are centre aligned to the runway.Localizer needs to be intercepted first and then the glideslope.You will need to maintain the altitude mentioned by ATC while aligning your aircraft .Because if you start dropping altitude while still being established on LOC you will land too early or you will have problems intercepting both LOC and glideslope at the same time.You need to capture glideslope from beneath and hence the recommended altitude is mentioned by the ATC...
Once you are stable on the lateral alignment to the runway then you need to go and capture the glideslope(vertical alignment)...

Hope this helps for your first one... 🙂

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