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How do you physically connect multiple monitors?

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RiginalDonDada Trainee

My video card supports more than 1 monitor, but I don't know where I would attach the others. There's only one place to attach one monitor.

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Murfi First Officer

Maybe you need to by an extension.

Also, this may help if you need it:

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Video cards that support dual monitors have at least two connections at the back. They may be in any combination of vga (blue), DVI (white), S-video (din) or component (yellow RCA). Post up the specs of your videocard and I'll be able to help more.

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I found it. My card has 1 vga, 1 Svideo and 1 DV-I.

The DV-I connects to the second monitor with the DV-I to VGA adapter that I almost threw away. Thanks all.

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