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Management Needed!


CajunAir Virtual needs your help! If you are interested in being part of management in a virtual airline, and would like to put your hand in the planning process, please visit this website:

CajunAir plans to operate CRJ-200s and ERJ-145 in different destinations in the U.S.

CajunAir Guest

CajunAir Looking For Pilots!

CajunAir Virtual has released the following promotion schedule:

CAT A: EMB-120 0-14.9 Hours
CAT B: CRJ-200 and ERJ-145 15+ Hours

-We are currently looking for both EMB and CRJ/ERJ virtual pilots who are skilled at and familiar with these aircraft.
-The first two pilots (one spot left!) to join will be guaranteed a managment position, will be allowed to fly any aircraft, and will have 100% transfer of flight hours.
-If other pilots would like to join using hours from other VAs, 50% of their flight hours will be transfered.

If you would like to join CajunAir Virtual, please join by email with:
Name, Location
Age (13 or older only)
Previous VAs (if any) with link to pilot roster to verify hours

Eric Robertson
Founder, CajunAir Virtual

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